These bars are the 3rd series in 6-digit serial variation with a number ‘8’ leading prefix. This variety demonstrates a ‘^’ over-stamp to the left of serial number. The serial number errors on these pieces resulted from part of the letter ‘X’ that was used as a filler for the lead position on the rotary stamp. This leading filler ‘X’ slipped out of position just enough to leave an impression of the bottom or top half of the letter.

The picture above, bar 11948, demonstrates the bottom half of the same ‘8’ that was stamped on previous pieces had slipped back into the same position as the leading ‘X’ number to its left. Also note the strength of the impression left by leading number ‘8’ due to its lack of use.

Ingot 811864 (below) sold privately on February 20, 2017 for $1,200.00.

Example 13436, presented below, demonstrates the lack of serial prefix digit ‘8’ and includes the unique double ‘X’ impression.

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Engelhard Bar Information courtesy of https://allengelhard.com