Dental Practice $$$


Universal Gold Services, LLC specializes in buying precious metal scrap from the dental industry and provides the most competitive value and service in the industry. As a licensed Precious Metal Buyer we work with some of the largest and most reputable refineries in the United States.  We get paid more for your scrap gold so we can pay you more!

Industry wide, a large number of dentists & dental practices are accustomed to receiving cash, on the spot, for their scrap based on weight. This is simply not the most beneficial way to monetize your scrap.  The main reason is an obvious one, there is no way to determine what the precise metal content is by weight alone. There are hundreds of different alloys, some very rich in gold and palladium, some are totally non-precious.

The only way to determine this is to smelt the scrap, sample and assay it. This is the method Universal Gold Services, LLC uses because it usually results in a significantly higher monetary return for you.

100% TRANSPERENCY!  Along with your payment you will receive an assay of the total gold and silver content of your dental scrap (yes, we pay to have your materials melted separately).

You will receive 75% of the total monetary amount recovered (0n gold scrap worth $1,000 or more).  Our 25% fee includes cleaning, separation and preparation of your materials for the refinery, all dealings with the refinery and free shipping costs to us from your location(s).

You can now be in total control of your dental scrap.  Why leave money on the table when dealing with companies who simply offer you an amount you have no clue whether the amount is fair or not?  Get started today and you can have your money in as little as 72 hours!

*Minimum of $1,000 in dental scrap required for 75% payout.  Assays for less than this amount are paid 65% to cover our operating expenses.

SAME DAY PAYMENTS AVAILABLE VIA PAYPAL or Check payments sent within 24 hours.

Call: 989-488-1775 or fill out the form below to receive your free prepaid mailing kit to send your scrap to us!